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Tracing Someone Who Owes You Money

What if you have a client who owes you money, but you can no longer get hold of them? Someone who owes you money who has ‘disappeared’?  Well, tracing is a sort of magic on its own. With debtors defaulting on their payments on the rise, tracing is ideal!  If you...

What Is Surety?

Ever been asked to sign surety for debt? Should it be your child’s study loan, a bond, a car, on behalf of your company or any other debt. This is a big responsibility.  You agree to take over payment and be liable for debt should the ‘principal’ not be able to pay it...

The most common excuses made by debtors

Ever found yourself rolling your eyes at the excuses made by debtors that was supposed to pay their account ages ago?  Working with debtors daily we found that there are a few trending excuses. Let’s have a look at the most common excuses made by debtors. The “I never...

Have you been a victim of cybercrime? Here is what you can do

Cybercrime, because it does not take place physically, is a form of crime which very few people take seriously. Being naïve on the internet or being reckless with information online, is what gets many people in “sticky situations” when it comes to them being victims...

Are you expected to pay maintenance if prevented from seeing your child(ren)?

“I pay maintenance for my child religiously every month because I know the separation is not their fault. They deserve to be taken care of and their needs are my responsibility. What I cannot handle though is my ex preventing me from seeing my child despite me paying...

Can An Employee Be Dismissed When Tested Positive For Cannabis

Previously, I wrote an article that asked the question whether an employee can be dismissed if caught smoking cannabis at or directly prior to work. In a recent judgment handed down in the matter of Mtembu and Other v NCT Durban Wood Chips (2019) 4 BALR 369 (CCMA) the...

Fixed Term Contracts

Employers tend to employ employees on a fixed term contract for specific reasons. This will usually include an employee going on maternity leave or where an employee provides services to a company, which will only be for a fixed period or at the occurrence of a...

Instituting Legal Action – A pre-liminary vetting process

When deciding whether to institute legal action for amounts due to either you personally, or to your company, it is a fantastic idea to do a vetting process before making the decision whether or not to sue. There are several factors which to consider, the most...

What Can The Sheriff Attach?

EXECUTION OF JUDGMENTS- WHAT CAN THE SHERIFF ATTACH? When a creditor is in possession of a judgment in its favour, it is in a position to execute this judgment. What exactly is execution and what goods can a creditor execute upon? What is execution? When judgment is...

Adoption in South Africa: Who, what, when, why and how?

“Born not from our flesh, but born in our hearts, you were longed for and wanted and loved from the start. This quote is the perfect wording to describe adoption. Adopting a child can be a very joyful experience for a family, however without understanding the...

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Cindy-lee Payne
Cindy-lee Payne
10:50 15 Oct 18
would like to thank Kaylee and Cathleen for an awesome service. friendly and very professional.would definitely recommend their service
Liyana Van Heerden
Liyana Van Heerden
12:58 05 Apr 17
Excellent feedback and Results.Vermeulen Attorneys handle all our outstanding accounts and have always proven themselves worthy of settling payment in the shortest of time frames. Their rates is affordable from small to big operating companies. The give excellent feedback so you always know where your case is standing. Glad we started working with them as they are saving us a lot of trouble and money.
Geraldine Bruce
Geraldine Bruce
14:46 21 Jan 18
Mervyn recently assisted me in a case against one of the largest financial institutions. I had really run out of options and Mervyn's knowledge and expertise convinced me right away that he was the one I wanted on my side. Mervyn and his team worked tirelessly and professionally to conclude the matter and I am extremely grateful my 3 year nightmare is finally over. I would definitely recommend Vermeulen Attorneys.