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Who Can Enter Into A Contract?

South African law dictates that in order for an agreement to be recognized as a valid and binding contract, it must meet certain requirements. These requirements are as follows: There must be consensus between the parties The parties must have intended for the...

Delinquent Directors

Declaring a director delinquent in terms of the Companies Act. If a director conducts himself or has previously conducted himself, whilst being a director of a company, in a manner which is inappropriate, an application aimed at declaring such director a delinquent,...

Credit Records – What Is It All About?

Having a clear credit record or a good credit score is of utmost importance, but why? And how does one ensure that your credit record is and remains clear in order to ensure that your credit rating or score remains at its maximum? Certain updates to a person’s credit...

Recognition of Customary Marriages

The change of position for women previously discriminated against in customary marriages Cabinet in July 2019 approved the submissions made on the Recognition of Customary Marriages Amendment Bill of 2019 to Parliament. The approval of this Bill is said to be a major...

Debt Review Upliftment

Help! I am flagged as being under debt review on the Credit Bureaus. Since promulgation of the National Credit Act. 34 of 2005 (herein after referred to as the “act”), most South Africans have heard of debt review and have a faint idea of what it entails. Some of us...

How To Enforce a Maintenance Order

At the outset of this article “How To Enforce a Maintenance Order”, it should be noted that failure to pay maintenance when the court has ordered payment, is a criminal offence and one may be jailed for failure to pay maintenance. Enforcement of...

Gender Based Violence

Gender-based violence (hereinafter “GBV”) is an intense and widespread problem in South Africa, impacting on almost every aspect of life. What is gender-based violence? GBV is broadly defined as “the general term used to capture violence that occurs as a result of the...

Why Is It Important For Couples To Enter Into An Antenuptial Contract Before Marriage

INTRODUCTION Every girl dreams of the day they meet their prince charming, that he will sweep you off your feet and you live a happily ever after. In reality, even though love and marriage are special, it does come with many legal implications that often couples who...

How To Spot A Delinquent Debtor

Are you struggling with your clients not paying on time or at all? This can be detrimental to any business, not to mention dire to a smaller business. Here are five red flags to look out for: Not answering your calls  If a client has an outstanding account that you...

Lending Money To Loved Ones – Yay or Nay?

Think about this scenario, your good friend approaches you with a dilemma they are facing- they need money, and they ask you to help. Is it a good or bad idea? Let’s discuss it from a debt collection perspective. Quick and easy payment methods Lending and borrowing...

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