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Is the Master’s Decision to Uphold an Objection on Habitatio Justified?

Discover the court’s reasoning in the case of Maree v Master of High Court, Bloemfontein [2024] ZAFSHC 154, which addresses the right of habitatio under a will and ante-nuptial contract. Learn how the court set aside the Master’s decision to uphold an objection to the applicant’s claim, ensuring justice in estate administration.

Can Internal Disputes Among Trustees Justify Their Removal or the Termination of a Trust?

Explore the High Court’s decision in R.R and Others v J.R and Others on the complexities of trustee disputes and the legal thresholds for judicial intervention in family trusts.

Analyzing the Justification in a Recent Contractual Dispute Case

Explore the intricacies of a recent high-profile contractual dispute case where specific performance and the enforceability of contracts under the National Credit Act were key issues. This blog delves into the judicial decisions, legal implications, and critical lessons for practitioners and investors.

Can A Permanent Life Partner Claim From the Estate of a Deceased Married Individual?

Explore the South Gauteng High Court’s decision in Gasa v Master of the High Court, examining the inheritance rights of permanent life partners in contrast with legally married spouses under South African law.

Unjust Enrichment and Psychic Extortion: A Case Overview

Unjust Enrichment and Psychic Extortion: A Case Overview

Dive into the Aheer and Another v Govender case, a captivating legal examination of unjust enrichment tied to alleged psychic abilities, extortion, and the misuse of paranormal claims for financial gain. Discover how the ZAKZPHC ruled on this unique intersection of law and psychic predictions.

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