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About Vermeulen Attorneys

Vermeulen Attorneys was founded in February 2014 by Mervyn Vermeulen. The firm has been assisting the community since this date and has shown consistent success in helping its clients to achieve their objectives.

Our Foundational Beliefs and Credo

Vermeulen Attorneys was established on three basic tenets: Reliability, Accountability, and Results.

We have made it our goal to provide a service to our clients which is dedicated, professional, transparent and fair. To this end, we employ a legal methodology which is comprised of frequent updates to our clients, open and honest communication, and accounts which are a fair and true portrayal of the work done.

We realize that competent and efficient legal assistance is the right of every client and not merely an ideal to which lip-service is paid. We take pride in the fact that clients are dealt with in a professional manner, and in a professional setting.

Vermeulen Attorneys Building

Meet Our Team at Vermeulen Attorneys

Our Attorneys

Cathleen Breedt

Cathleen Breedt

Cathleen Breedt is an attorney with right of appearance in the High Court. She specializes in the following fields: civil litigation, contractual drafting and disputes, corporate and commercial law, debt collection, debt…

Mervyn Vermeulen

Mervyn Vermeulen

Mervyn Vermeulen is an attorney with High Court right of appearance, and a certified family mediator. Whilst maintaining a busy family law and divorce practice, Mervyn also mediates divorce and family law disputes. He attained his Law Degree (LLB) from Unisa in 2010…

Chante Mouton

Chante Mouton

Chante Mouton is a practicing attorney and a certified family mediator. She specializes in the following fields: Family Law, including Uncontested and contested divorces General and Specialist High Court Litigation…


Leigh Loch

Leigh Loch

Leigh-Ann Loch is an attorney specializing in family law. She specializes in the following fields: Family Law, including Uncontested and contested divorces Children’s court Maintenance applications Domestic Violence Termination and Acquisition of parental…

Our Candidate Attorneys

Leigh Candlish

Leigh Candlish

Leigh Candlish is a Candidate Attorney, currently serving articles at Vermeulen Attorneys. Leigh works mostly in the Family Law Department and the Labour Law Department. Leigh has been serving her articles at the firm since February 2021 to date and has a desire to be…

Monique Van Rooy

Monique Van Rooy

Monique Van Rooy is a Candidate Attorney at Vermeulen Attorneys. Basic Information Year Commenced at Vermeulen Attorneys 2020 Department Family Law Divorce Labour Law Area of Operations Johannesburg Qualifications LLB Degree – Unisa Languages English, Afrikaans…

Our Paralegals

Bianca Wiehe

Bianca Wiehe

Bianca Wiehe is a Paralegal at Vermeulen Attorneys. Basic Information Year Commenced at Vermeulen Attorneys 2017 Department Divorce Family Law Labour Law Area of Operations Johannesburg Qualifications Paralegal Diploma Languages English, Afrikaans Send Bianca an…

Qaqamba Moyo

Qaqamba Moyo

Qaqamba Moyo is a Paralegal at Vermeulen Attorneys. Qaqamba has completed a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Criminology and International Relations at Monash South Africa and has enrolled for an LLB at The University of South Africa in 2021. Basic Information Year…

Practice Areas

Justice Hammer
Divorce Law Icon

The specialist divorce lawyers at Vermeulen Attorneys are able to assist with all aspects of divorce.  Our services include:

Debt Collection Icon

Our debt collection agents and debt collection attorneys ensure that debts are recovered as quickly as possible:

  • Call Centre Collections;
  • Debt Collection Litigation;
  • ITC Listings;
  • Judgments
Litigation Icon

Vermeulen Attorneys are able to assist with all facets of the litigation process. We operate in the following forums: 

Antenuptial Contracts Icon

We assist our clients to prepare a proper foundation for their marriage.  Our services include:

  • Consultation and Advice;
  • Drafting of the Antenuptial Contract;
  • Notarization;
  • Registration;
Mervyn Vermeulen is the proprietor of Vermeulen Attorneys

About Mervyn Vermeulen


Mervyn Vermeulen obtained his Law Degree (LLB) from the University of South Africa (Unisa) in 2010. In 2011 he commenced serving articles of clerkship, and was admitted to practise as an Attorney by the North Gauteng High Court on 23 April 2013.

On 3 May 2013 he was admitted to appear in the High Court by virtue of the Right of Appearance in Courts Act 62 of 1995. He has been appearing in the High Courts in Gauteng on a regular basis since this date. 

Early in 2014 he commenced practising under the banner of Vermeulen Attorneys in Roodepoort, and still practises as such as the director of Vermeulen Attorneys.

Mervyn Vermeulen has obtained a wealth of experience litigating in various forums, including the High Court, Magistrate’s Court, Labour Court and the CCMA.


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