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Vermeulen Attorneys are Specialists in Family Law, Divorce Law, Labour Law , Debt Management, Debt Collection and Litigation.

Our team of specialists takes pride in providing service that is competent, efficient, and transparent. Our dedicated team of attorneys, candidate attorneys, debt collection agents and paralegals are committed to ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected.


Cathleen Breedt

Cathleen Breedt is an attorney with right of appearance in the High Court. She specializes in the following fields:  civil litigation,   contractual drafting and disputes,   corporate and commercial law,  debt collection,  debt...

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Mervyn Vermeulen

Mervyn Vermeulen is an attorney with High Court right of appearance, and a certified family mediator. Whilst maintaining a busy family law and divorce practice, Mervyn also mediates divorce and family law disputes. He attained his Law Degree (LLB) from Unisa in 2010...

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Chante Mouton

Chante Mouton is a practicing attorney and a certified family mediator.    She specializes in the following fields:  Family Law, including   Uncontested and contested divorces  General and Specialist High Court Litigation...

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Areas of Practice


The specialist divorce lawyers at Vermeulen Attorneys are able to assist with all aspects of divorce.  Our services include:



Vermeulen Attorneys are able to assist with all facets of the litigation process.  We operate in the following forums:



Our debt collection agents and debt collection attorneys ensure that debts are recovered as quickly as possible:


  • Call Centre Collections;
  • Debt Collection Litigation;
  • ITC Listings;
  • Judgments

We assist our clients to prepare a proper foundation for their marriage.  Our services include:


  • Consultation and Advice;
  • Drafting of the Antenuptial Contract;
  • Notarization;
  • Registration;

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What should you do if the sheriff threatens to remove assets?

What Should You Do If The Sheriff Threatens To Remove Assets

John has a big problem. He is living in a fully furnished flat that he is renting. The furniture in the flat is not his but belongs to his landlord. Some time ago, John made a series of bad choices that led to a few judgments being granted against him. John calls his...
My Ex-Partner Says I Do not Have Rights As The Father Of Our Daughter, Since We Were Never Married

My Ex-Partner Says I Do not Have Rights As The Father Of Our Daughter, Since We Were Never Married

What rights would the father then have in respect of a minor child?
Sally and Nico was in a relationship for approximately 2 years. During this time Sally fell pregnant. Before Sally had a beautiful baby girl, Paige, the relationship between her and Nico crumbled, and Nico moved out before Paige was born. ..

Divorce Sharia Law

I Want To Divorce My Husband But I Was Only Married In Terms Of Sharia Law

“Naeema and Rasheed were married in terms of Sharia Law on the 06th of December 2018. After a few years of marriage, it was clear to Naeema that Rasheed was abusive and was controlling their finances completely. Naeema decided to get legal advice and was incorrectly advised that Muslim Marriages are currently not recognized in South Africa, and therefore, she will not be able to get divorced in our Courts. Naeema was sure that she had read somewhere that she could get divorced in South African if she has been married in terms of Sharia Law.”

The Doctrine Of Status Quo

The primary purpose of the application of the status quo doctrine is to ensure that the best interests of the children are of paramount importance.

Forfeiture Orders In Divorce

Forfeiture Orders In Divorce

Chris has a high paying job as a cardiovascular surgeon and Katy manages organic health foods store in a prominent area in the city. Despite Katy’s hard work, Chris has been the main contributor to the families lavish lifestyle and many of their marital assets were...
Contract Law

Fixed-Term Agreements – A Deal With The Devil?

The consumer protection act on cancellation. The good news for Francois is that the CPA does indeed allow for the cancellation of any fixed term agreement. This is provided for in section 14(b) of the Act, which provides that a consumer may cancel a fixed term agreement as follows:

We Did Not Formally Register Our Customary Marriage – Is It Still Valid?

Lungi and Tebogo got married in December 2018 in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal. Tebogo paid full lobola for Lungi and the handing over of the bride ceremony was done, however, they never formally registered their marriage. Lungi and Tebogo now want to get divorced, however,...

What Is The Consumer’s Right To Privacy In Terms Of The Consumer Protection Act?

Consumer Protection Rights.
Johan is a 60-year-old man who has just retired at his beach house in Mosselbay. His only desire is to do some fishing and reading, at least for the first six months of his retirement, preferably without interruption! Johan however receives at least four or five calls weekly from what he refers to as “telemarketers”. He is just about ready to “lose his cool with these people” and approaches an attorney to help him solve this annoying issue.

Resign Disciplinary Hearing Employer Says No

I Want To Resign With Immediate Effect Because I Have A Disciplinary Hearing, But My Employer Says No!

Most employment relationships are governed by a Contract of Employment, which is signed by both the employer and employee. Such Contract of Employment usually sets out how and when the working relationship between the parties will terminate. This means the Contract of Employment ….

Corona Virus Sick Leave

The Corona Virus And The Implications It Has On Your Sick Leave

With the number of COVID-19 infections increasing significantly during the ongoing second wave of the global pandemic, employers have gotten use to the new normal of dealing with employees who have tested positive for the virus, those who show COVID-19 related symptoms and those who have come into contact with someone who has tested positive. In this uncertain times and employer and employee should, however, be certain of when sick leave should be used.

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