Quick and competent divorce lawyers with a transparent fee structure.

Our clients have peace of mind knowing that their divorce is being dealt with by our team of highly skilled divorce lawyers and paralegals.

We continually strive to identify and eliminate those issues which cause delay, frustration and unnecessary costs in divorce proceedings to ensure that our clients achieve a speedy and cost-effective resolution to their divorce.

In order to provide exceptional service to our clients, we have developed and streamlined various processes and strategies to expedite the divorce process.

We assist our clients with all aspects of their divorce and keep them well-informed every step of the way.

The Processes

We believe that the key to a speedy and cost-effective divorce lies in the parties fully understanding the divorce process. Unfortunately many people are not properly advised and end up spending more time and money than they need to.

There are two ways to proceed with a divorce, namely:

  1. Uncontested Divorce is a divorce where the parties have agreed on all relevant terms of the divorce beforehand.
  2. Contested Divorce is a divorce where the parties have not agreed on all relevant terms of the divorce beforehand, and the Court is asked to make a decision.

An uncontested divorce is usually much cheaper and quicker than a contested divorce.

It is therefore advisable to consider whether a divorce can be settled and proceeded with on an uncontested basis, before proceeding with contested litigation.

Our divorce lawyers ensure that clients understand the process, costs, and implications from the beginning of their matter.

The Implications

The Court will make the terms of the divorce an order of court when the divorce is finalized onsequently both parties will be bound by the terms of the divorce, and can face serious consequences if they do not abide by the Court Order.

These issues generally involved in divorce proceedings are:

  • Division of Assets and Liabilities
  • Maintenance for the Parties
  • Parental Rights and Responsibilities, such as:Contact Rights; Primary Place of Residence of the Minor Children; Maintenance for the Minor Children; Guardianship and
    decision Making;
    It is rare for a decree of divorce to be granted without the Court considering the issue of division of assets. A Court will not grant a decree of divorce if there are minor children involved and the best interests of these children have not been dealt with.

The Services Offered by Vermeulen Attorneys

Our divorce lawyers are able to assist clients with all aspects involved in the divorce process, including:

  • Assessment of their situation and advising them in respect of the way forward
  • Drafting a Settlement Agreement for signature by the parties
  • Liaising with their spouse and negotiating the terms of the divorce
  • Drafting of Summons, which is the document that commences the legal process
  • Approaching Courts related to the divorce, such as the Maintenance Court and the Children’s Court
  • Applying for and obtaining a Rule 43 Interim Order
  • Referring a proposed Settlement Agreement to the office of the Family Advocate for endorsement
  • Applying for and obtaining a Protection Order
  • Assisting the parties to engage and appoint a mediator
  • Appearance at Court for the Divorce Hearing
  • Division of Pension Benefits
  • Variation of Divorce Orders

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Geraldine Bruce
Geraldine Bruce
14:46 21 Jan 18
Mervyn recently assisted me in a case against one of the largest financial institutions. I had really run out of options and Mervyn's knowledge and expertise convinced me right away that he was the one I wanted on my side. Mervyn and his team worked tirelessly and professionally to conclude the matter and I am extremely grateful my 3 year nightmare is finally over. I would definitely recommend Vermeulen Attorneys.
Rina Snyders
Rina Snyders
07:57 14 Sep 16
WOW!Vermeulen Attorneys is nothing short of AMAZING. They handled my case so professionally and made sure justice was served. I am so grateful to have a lawyer like Mervyn represent me. Thank you. Your work is exceptional.
Cathy Foster
Cathy Foster
11:06 18 May 17
I have been using Vermeulen attorneys for more than 3 years in my business. I have had nothing but excellent service and regular feedback on all my cases. I highly recommend them.