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Fiduciary Litigation Articles

Does a Shareholder Have a Right to Audited Financial Statements? Insights from Moodley v Crazy Plastics Holdings

Introduction: In the recent case of Moodley v Crazy Plastics Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Another (23/39002) [2024] ZAGPJHC 7 (5 January 2024), the Gauteng Local Division of the High Court delved into the complexities surrounding a shareholder's right to access audited...

Can Trustees Withhold Financial Documentation from Beneficiaries? – A Discussion on the Case of Mohle N.O and Others v R.L.N and Another

Introduction In the case of Mohle N.O and Others v R.L.N and Another (A43/2023) [2024] ZAMPMBHC 1, the core issue revolved around the duties of trustees towards beneficiaries, specifically regarding the provision of financial statements and supporting documents of a...

Red Flags When Dealing with the Executor of Your Loved One’s Deceased Estate

If you are a beneficiary of a deceased estate, you may be relying on the executor to manage the estate’s affairs fairly and transparently. However, not all executors act in the best interests of the beneficiaries, and it’s critical to recognize the red flags that may indicate a problem.