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Can tertiary education be included in child maintenance?

Introduction In a society where divorce and children born out of wedlock are prevalent, our law must play a role in order to ensure that children’s rights and interests are protected. When parents are at odds relating all other aspects of the relationship, they also...

Voluntary Liquidation

Liquidation is the process whereby a company or close corporation is wound up due to it not trading actively or its inability to continue trading in the normal course. The liquidation of a company will put an end to the juristic entity’s existence. When winding up a...

What Happens When A Parent Fails To Pay Maintenance?

Subject to the defence that failure to make a payment in terms of a maintenance order is due to lack of means, a person who fails to make payment in accordance with a maintenance order is guilty of contempt of a Court Order and may suffer one or more of the following...

Why couples reject mediation and the importance of mediation in divorce matters?

Mediation is a very important tool during divorce proceedings. Not only can mediation result in less trauma, but children can also benefit greatly from it. Many legal practitioners encourage their clients to attend mediation before resorting to litigation, however...

Limiting Employment Claims – Protection Where It’s Needed

What does “Limiting Employment Claims” mean? This title simply means that employment claims are to be viewed in a more holistic manner. When people consider the notion of any right, they focus mainly on the person who is at the bottom of the vertical...

Children attending therapy during divorce proceedings

Major decisions involving children: Consent by the respective parents to children attending therapy during divorce proceedings Many parents, during the divorce proceedings between them and their spouse, notice the effect such divorce has on their children and...

Can An Employee Be Dismissed For Posting Racially Discriminative Post(s) on Facebook?

South Africa is a racially diverse country and every day, people of different races encounter one another. Among other places, the workplace is often times an environment in which different races meet, as this is where the South African working population spends most...

Liquidation Of Insolvent Companies

As previously discussed in the article regarding voluntary liquidations where the company being liquidated is solvent, liquidation is the process whereby a company or close corporation is wound up due to it not trading actively or its inability to continue trading in...

Writing off bad debt

Writing off bad debt can be very upsetting. You are owed the money, the services were rendered. Why must I write off bad debt? Here’s what the law says on the topic. Let’s first look at prescription What does it mean? Prescribed debt is old debt that has been written...

Tracing Someone Who Owes You Money

What if you have a client who owes you money, but you can no longer get hold of them? Someone who owes you money who has ‘disappeared’?  Well, tracing is a sort of magic on its own. With debtors defaulting on their payments on the rise, tracing is ideal!  If you...

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