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One Couple, One Lawyer

Streamlined Family Law Solutions: One Couple, One Lawyer

Streamlined Family Law Solutions: One Couple, One Lawyer

Facing family law issues can be daunting and fraught with tension. At Vermeulen Attorneys, we have adopted the One Couple, One Lawyer service — a cooperative, cost-effective, and efficient legal solution for couples navigating the complexities of family law.

 Empowerment Through Collaboration

 One Couple, One Lawyer empowers couples to make informed decisions together, guided by a single expert attorney. This departure from the traditional, court-driven methods allows for a personalized resolution strategy, free from the constraints of standard legal protocols.

Joint Guidance for Consensus Building

 We provide joint advisory sessions to both partners, delivering specialist, impartial legal counsel. This collaborative spirit is the cornerstone of One Couple, One Lawyer, promoting amicable resolutions and a mutually beneficial understanding of legal rights and responsibilities.

 The Ideal Scenario for One Couple, One Lawyer

 One Couple, One Lawyer thrives in situations where communication is open and decisions can be made jointly, with the need for clear legal guidance on:

When One Couple, One Lawyer Might Not Be the Right Fit

 There are circumstances where One Couple, One Lawyer may not be suitable, particularly if:

  • There are allegations of domestic violence.
  • There is a suspicion of concealed assets.
  • The relationship dynamics are extremely contentious.

Revolutionizing the Approach to Divorce

Traditionally, couples faced the dilemma of either navigating divorce without legal input or entering an adversarial legal system with separate representation. We provide a transformative third option: unified advice from a neutral, experienced family law attorney.

 Tailored Advisory for Every Stage

Our service caters to all phases of separation and divorce, ensuring confidentiality and a constructive approach. We adapt to each couple’s unique context, whether contemplating separation or embroiled in litigation.

Our Commitment to You

Our expert legal team, which includes highly experienced family law practitioners offers a bespoke service. Our transparent fee structure and commitment to providing expert advice ensure affordability without sacrificing quality.

We Operate Throughout the Whole of South Africa

 Due to our robust digital infrastructure, and our network of correspondents, we operate country-wide.

 One Couple, One Lawyer Advantage

Our process is designed to be efficient, focusing on providing expert advice precisely where it’s needed. This results in lower overall costs compared to traditional litigation, while maintaining the highest level of legal expertise. From early disclosure to final advice, we guide you swiftly and smoothly — often within 6-8 weeks, much faster than conventional court proceedings. Fully regulated by the Legal Practice Council (LPC), our attorneys at Vermeulen Attorneys bring you peace of mind through every step of your legal journey.

What is the One Couple, One Lawyer?

One Couple, One Lawyer is a collaborative, cost-effective, and efficient legal service provided by Vermeulen Attorneys. It allows one neutral attorney to guide both partners through family law issues, promoting amicable resolutions and a mutual understanding of legal rights and responsibilities.

How does One Couple, One Lawyer differ from traditional family law litigation?
Unlike traditional approaches that are adversarial, with separate attorneys for each partner, One Couple, One Lawyer uses a single attorney to provide joint guidance. This approach fosters consensus and informed decision-making for couples together while avoiding the extreme costs, delays and trauma that us coupled with adversarial litigation processes.
What kind of situations is One Couple, One Lawyer best suited for?
One Couple, One Lawyer is ideal for couples who can communicate openly and make decisions together, especially for matters like divorce, property settlements, spousal maintenance, and children’s care and contact arrangements.
Are there situations where One Couple, One Lawyer may not be appropriate?
Yes, One Couple, One Lawyer may not be suitable in cases involving domestic violence, concealed assets, or highly acrimonious relationship dynamics.
How does One Couple, One Lawyer benefit couples going through a divorce?
One Couple, One Lawyer provides unified legal advice to help couples reach a fair settlement more likely than risking contentious litigation. It’s confidential, constructive, and suitable for various stages of separation or divorce.
Can One Couple, One Lawyer handle complex divorce matters and children’s issues?

Absolutely. One Couple, One Lawyer is equipped to guide couples through complex divorce matters, including financial settlements and post-divorce parental responsibilities and rights, as well as intricate children’s matters like contact and maintenance.

What is the advantage of using the One Couple, One Lawyer service?

One Couple, One Lawyer offers a streamlined process with transparent fees, providing targeted legal advice without the high costs of traditional two-sided litigation. This approach is quicker and more efficient, often resolving matters in 6-8 weeks.

How does One Couple, One Lawyer maintain confidentiality throughout the divorce process?

One Couple, One Lawyer upholds confidentiality as a core principle, requiring the signature of confidentiality agreements, which provides a safe space for couples to discuss and resolve their issues without fear of exposure. The attorney assisting the parties is also bound by attorney client privilege, which means they are not allowed to testify against either party in the unlikely event that the parties cannot collaboratively resolve the matter.

Streamlined Family Law Solutions: One Couple, One Lawyer

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