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Understanding the Scope of Protection Orders in Domestic Relationships: Insights from the J.G v A.N Case

Discover the South Gauteng High Court ruling in J.G v A.N, offering critical insights into the application of protection orders under the Domestic Violence Act, especially in defining ‘domestic relationships’. Learn how this judgment shapes legal understanding and protection in cases of domestic violence.

The Unseen Edge in Mediation: Why Understanding Court Processes is a Game-Changer

The suggestion that mediators should understand court procedures may appear contradictory at first glance. After all, the very purpose of mediation is to resolve disputes without resorting to the courtroom. Nonetheless, a strong understanding of legal processes can...

Comforting News For Victims Of Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence would be pleased to know that President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed the Domestic Violence Amendment Bill into Law in South Africa. This legislation, together with two other Bills also signed into Law, aim to protect women and children from...

The Doctrine Of Status Quo

The primary purpose of the application of the status quo doctrine is to ensure that the best interests of the children are of paramount importance.

Online Applications for Protection Orders

Online Applications for Protection Orders

Online Applications for Protection Orders
One of the biggest downfalls in fighting gender-based violence is the court’s approach, or lack thereof, to this “second pandemic” known as gender-based violence. In this article, Leigh-Ann Loch discusses the possibility of the application for protection orders going online. Let’s hope government sees this proposal through! #EndTheSilence #VermeulenAttorneysStandsWithYou #VermeulenAttorneysAgainstDomesticViolence

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Parental Alienation: What exactly is it?

What is alienation? Many parents might say, “What is parental Alienation? …I’m not alienating my child…I’m in total agreement that my children should see their father/mother!...” In relation to the above, the meaning of Parental Alienation can be explained as follows,...

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