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Mervyn Vermeulen

Mervyn Vermeulen - Vermeulen Attorneys

Mervyn Vermeulen is a dual-qualified lawyer, being a South African attorney, and a Scottish solicitor. He is a seasoned legal professional and a significant contributor to the field of family law in South Africa, as evidenced by his admission as a Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers. As the Director of Vermeulen Attorneys, he brings over a decade of expertise to his practice, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional legal service.

In his role as Director of LawBox Practice Management Software, Mervyn innovates at the intersection of law and technology, providing tools that enhance the efficiency of legal practice management.

His qualification as a Family Law Mediator allows him to navigate complex interpersonal conflicts, fostering resolution in a supportive and constructive manner. This skill is further complemented by his leadership in founding ThinkLegal, an initiative designed to foster the exchange of legal knowledge among professionals. The network he maintains spans a wide array of family law experts, including attorneys, mediators, advocates, social workers, psychologists, and other related specialists across South Africa.

Mervyn’s commitment to family law is further evidenced by his memberships in organisations such as Resolution (UK) and The South African Association of Mediators, where he actively engages with a community of like-minded professionals. Additionally, his involvement with The Gauteng Family Law Forum underscores his dedication to the advancement and collaboration within the family law sector.

He is a member in good standing of the following bodies:

Mervyn Vermeulen is passionate about innovation in the legal profession and is one of the creators of the LawBox Practice Management Software. He relishes finding ways to create value for clients by using technology. Mervyn is also a firm believer in the benefits of mediation in family disputes.

Mervyn specializes in high conflict divorces and custody disputes and has extensive experience acting in these types of matters. He is certified to appear in the High Court, and does so frequently.

Basic Information

Years in active practice


Area of Operations

Johannesburg, Pretoria


Family Law, Divorce & Mediation


LLB Degree – Unisa

Certificate Course in Family Mediation


English, Afrikaans, Spanish


I was always informed on the progress of the case with huge support from the “back office” and always felt like I was his only client as I knew that I was in very good hands.

Attention to detail, now, has new meaning as nothing was missed or overlooked as they anticipated just about everything.

  • Mr S (former client; full name omitted to protect client’s confidentiality)

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