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WEBINAR: Parental Responsibilities and Rights

Our webinar, “Parental Responsibilities and Rights – Understanding the Essentials,” is designed to provide family professionals with a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of parental responsibilities and rights, as contained in the Children’s Act, 2005. Led by attorney Mervyn Vermeulen, this webinar will provide family professionals with a greater understanding of the legal framework surrounding parental rights and responsibilities, as well as practical advice for navigating complex family situations. Vermeulen’s extensive experience in family law and compassionate approach will ensure that family professionals gain valuable insights into the duties and responsibilities of parents. Through real-life case studies and interactive discussions, participants will learn the legal procedures for resolving disputes related to parental responsibilities and rights, enabling them to effectively advocate for their clients in legal matters. Whether you are a family lawyer, mediator, social worker, psychologist or other family professionals, this webinar offers essential information for those seeking to enhance their understanding and application of the principles of parental responsibilities and rights. By the end of the webinar, participants will have gained a firm grasp of one of the core concepts of the Children’s Act, empowering them to better serve their clients and families.

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