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WEBINAR: International Divorce

Mervyn Vermeulen and Chante Mouton tackle the topic of International Divorce

Date: 5 November 2022
Hosts:  Mervyn Vermeulen  / Chante Mouton
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A Cautionary Tale Against Unilateral Parenting Decisions – DM v CHP (B6773/23) [2024] ZAGPPHC 76

Section 31(2) of the Children’s Act imposes an obligation on parents before taking a major decision which would materially change, or adversely alter, the exercise of parental responsibilities and rights of the other parent. This obligation is to consider the views...

Enforcing Settlement Agreements: A Case Study of Lequbu Specialised Services (Pty) Ltd v Matjhabeng Local Municipality

Introduction In a landmark decision by the Free State High Court, Bloemfontein, the case of Lequbu Specialised Services (Pty) Ltd v Matjhabeng Local Municipality (3328/2021) [2024] ZAFSHC 14 (18 January 2024) serves as a pivotal example of the legal enforceability of...

Forfeiture in Divorce: Insights from A.R.S (born K) v M.S.S

Divorce is never an easy path for the parties involved, especially when complex legal and emotional issues are at play. The case of A.R.S (born K) v M.S.S, adjudicated in the Limpopo High Court of South Africa, presents a vivid tableau of the multifaceted nature of...
Navigating the Best Interests of the Child

Navigating the Best Interests of the Child: Insights from the Case of G.D v M.M [2024] ZAGPJHC 65

In the recent case of G.D v M.M (Case no: 4809/2022), the South Gauteng High Court delved into a complex dispute over parental rights and responsibilities, shedding light on the paramount importance of a child's best interests in legal proceedings. This judgment,...

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