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Uncontested Divorce in SA – ThinkLegal

In this ThinkLegal presentation, we look at Uncontested Divorce and all the steps one will encounter during such a matter.

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Fairness of the dismissal of a Safety, Health and Environment Manager

Introduction In the case of Sulzer Pumps (Pty) Ltd v Nomxhanya [2024] ZALCJHB 253, the Labour Court examined the procedural and substantive fairness of the dismissal of a Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Manager. The case centered around multiple lost-time injuries...
Family law roundup court B

The Family Law Round-Up June 2024 – Recent Family Law Cases You Should Know About

High Court Upholds Duty of Foster Father to Support Child Case: R.S v J.S (A25/2024) Court: Western Cape High Court, Cape Town Summary: The court ruled that a foster father must continue supporting his foster child despite incomplete adoption proceedings, emphasizing...
Lesbian pregnant couple

Can a Gamete Donor be Considered a Parent?

Introduction In the case concerning AV, NZ, and DC, the court faced the complex issue of determining parental rights and responsibilities under the Children’s Act 38 of 2005. The couple, AV and NZ, sought a legal determination regarding the status of DC, a sperm...
Hague convention child

Does the Hague Convention Apply in Cases of Disputed Habitual Residence?

In the case of Central Authority for RSA v DM [2024] ZAWCHC 170, the court examined the complex issue of habitual residence in the context of alleged child abduction under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.   Case Background...

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