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Limpopo High Court Rules on Company Winding-Up

Explore the Limpopo High Court ruling in Rooplal N.O vs. Rezevation 4-2 Communication CC, a critical case on the winding-up of companies due to financial insolvency under South African law. Understand the legal standards for commercial insolvency and its impact on businesses.

A Cautionary Tale Against Unilateral Parenting Decisions – DM v CHP (B6773/23) [2024] ZAGPPHC 76

Discover how the Pretoria High Court’s decision in DM v CHP emphasizes the critical importance of considering children’s best interests in parental disputes, showcasing the legal obligations under the Children’s Act 38 of 2005.

Enforcing Settlement Agreements: A Case Study of Lequbu Specialised Services (Pty) Ltd v Matjhabeng Local Municipality

Explore the enforceability of settlement agreements through the Free State High Court’s decision in Lequbu Specialised Services (Pty) Ltd v Matjhabeng Local Municipality. Understand the legal implications and the significance of upholding settlement agreements in South Africa

Forfeiture in Divorce: Insights from A.R.S (born K) v M.S.S

Unravel the complexities of divorce proceedings with insights from the case of A.R.S (born K) v M.S.S in the Limpopo High Court. Discover key rulings on child maintenance, property disputes, and pension benefits, offering essential advice for navigating similar challenges.

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