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Leigh-Ann Govender

Leigh Loch

Leigh-Ann Govender is an attorney specializing in family law.

She specializes in the following fields:

  • Family Law, including
  • Uncontested and contested divorces
  • Children’s court
  • Maintenance applications
  • Domestic Violence
  • Termination and Acquisition of parental responsibilities and rights

Leigh-Ann joined Vermeulen Attorneys in June 2018 and currently serves as a practicing attorney of the firm, mainly focusing on Family Law. Leigh-Ann attained her LLB Degree in 2017 University of Johannesburg. She commenced service of Articles of Clerkship in 2018 and was admitted as an Attorney by the Pretoria High Court in March 2021, virtue of the Right of Appearance Act 62 of 1995. After joining Vermeulen Attorneys in 2018 she immediately made an impact on the firm with her wealth of knowledge and her passion for Family Law. Leigh-Ann is currently pursuing her Mediation qualification and has completed a Mediation course with Mediation academy. Leigh-Ann is dynamic, bold and courageous, working tirelessly in the Family Law department. She is deeply passionate about her work and manages conflict effectively whilst ensuring the utmost level of confidentiality and professionalism.

Basic Information

Years in active practice 2 Area of Operations Johannesburg, Pretoria Specialisation Family Law, Divorce, Maintenance, Custody, Domestic Violence Qualifications LLB Degree – University of Johannesburg Languages English, Afrikaans

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