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Vermeulen Attorneys are Specialists in Family Law, Divorce Law, Labour Law , Debt Management, Debt Collection and Litigation.

Our team of specialists takes pride in providing service that is competent, efficient, and transparent. Our dedicated team of attorneys, candidate attorneys, debt collection agents and paralegals are committed to ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected.


Mervyn Vermeulen

Mervyn Vermeulen is a practising attorney and a certified family mediator. Whilst maintaining a busy family law and divorce practice, Mervyn also mediates divorce and family law disputes. He attained his Law Degree (LLB) from Unisa in 2010 where after he served his...

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Cathleen Breedt

Cathleen Breedt is a practicing attorney with right of appearance in the High Court. She specializes in the following fields:  civil litigation,   contractual drafting and disputes,   corporate and commercial law,  debt collection, ...

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Chante Mouton

Chante Mouton is a practicing attorney and a certified family mediator.    She specializes in the following fields:  Family Law, including   Uncontested and contested divorces  General and Specialist High Court Litigation...

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Areas of Practice


The specialist divorce lawyers at Vermeulen Attorneys are able to assist with all aspects of divorce.  Our services include:



Vermeulen Attorneys are able to assist with all facets of the litigation process.  We operate in the following forums:



Our debt collection agents and debt collection attorneys ensure that debts are recovered as quickly as possible:


  • Call Centre Collections;
  • Debt Collection Litigation;
  • ITC Listings;
  • Judgments

We assist our clients to prepare a proper foundation for their marriage.  Our services include:


  • Consultation and Advice;
  • Drafting of the Antenuptial Contract;
  • Notarization;
  • Registration;

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