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Labour Court

The Labour Court carries the full status of a High Court and is the highest authority (apart from the appeal courts) when it comes to labour disputes. The Labour Court may be approached directly in some cases, but also serves as a review court for parties who are unsatisfied with a decision by the CCMA or a bargaining council.

Our labour law attorneys specialize in matters involving the Labour Court, and appear in this Court personally and on a frequent basis.

Statement of Case:

When a party wishes to institute a claim in the Labour Court, in most instances this will be done by way of preparing a Statement of Case.

We assist our clients with all aspects related to instituting a matter by means of a statement of case, from preparation of documents to appearing at trial.

Review applications

When an arbitration award has been made and a party does not agree with the outcome thereof, the matter can be taken on Review to the Labour Court.

We assist with the institution and defending of review applications.

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