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Divorce Law

Obtaining a Decree of Divorce is often a lengthy and traumatic process.
It is thus very important to ensure that the correct approach is followed from the start. Read More


Civil Litigation

We possess a high level of experience in litigating and appearing in the High Courts,
and therefore take pride in being able to advise our clients. Read More


Debt Collection

To ensure that debt is recovered as efficiently and quickly as possible, it is imperative that a
coherent mix of soft and hard collections be followed. Read More


Labour Law

The Labour Relations Act drastically changed the landscape of Labour Law in South Africa.
There are many pitfalls which must be sidestepped by employers and employees alike. Read More


Contract Law

A contract is a valid an binding agreement between parties. If reduced to writing it is a
powerful tool to enforce the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Read More


Welcome to Vermeulen Attorneys

At Vermeulen Attorneys we strive firstly to understand your goals, and thereafter to assist you in obtaining those goals as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. We take pride in providing clients with advice that is sound and assistance that is competent at tariffs which are fair and transparent.

Though able to assist with a wide variety of legal matters, we focus on:

Divorce Law, Debt Collection and Civil Litigation in the West Rand, Randburg and Roodepoort areas.

Our Practices

Marriage Contracts

An Antenuptial Contract is an agreement entered into between parties whereby they elect, before getting married, the set of rules that will govern the patrimonial consequences their marriage.

Divorce Law
Divorce Law
Uncontested & Contested

Obtaining a Decree of Divorce is a traumatic and taxing experience. It is for this reason that it is critical to obtain legal representation that is honest, compassionate and efficient. We assist clients during the course of uncontested and contested divorces.

Lower & Superior Courts

Litigation (the act of seeking relief via the courts) is a specialized field of law that calls for a great level of expertise. We are able to assist with all facets of the litigation process as we have obtained extensive experience litigating in the High Courts and Magistrates’ Courts.

Debt Collection
Debt Collection
Litigious & Non-Litigious

To ensure that debt is recovered as efficiently and quickly as possible, it is imperative that a coherent and strategic approach be followed from start to finish. Let us assist you to devise and execute a winning debt collection strategy.

Our Attorney

Mervyn Vermeulen - Lawyer
Mervyn Vermeulen

Mervyn Vermeulen obtained his Law Degree (LLB) from the University of South Africa (Unisa) in 2010. In 2011 he...

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Mervyn definitely had my best interests as well as my sons in his sight, he is passionate about helping people and made me feel that he really cared about us. I have referred Mervyn to many of my friends and colleagues and he has helped every one out in the same way that he assisted me, with care and compassion.


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