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Vermeulen Attorneys Are Open For Business During the National Lock-Down

Vermeulen Attorneys are open for business

Vermeulen Attorneys are open during the national lock-down necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic

Our President has on 23 March 2020 announced that South Africa will as of Friday 27 March 2020, be entering a 21(twenty-one) day lockdown. This will result in most businesses closing their doors for this time period, as our freedom of movement will be restricted to only essential travel for food and medical care.  

Amidst the concern, we wish to assure all our clients that Vermeulen Attorneys will remain open for business to safeguard our clients’ interests, albeit without physical attendance at our offices.  

We have, over the years, put in place sophisticated and secure cloud-based infrastructure to ensure business continuity even in the event that staff members cannot be at the office. From Friday 27 March 2020 therefore, our offices will operate remotely. 

We are equipped to consult with clients telephonically, or by means of video-conferencing, which we shall be happy to do for any consultations during this lockdown period.  

Kindly be reminded that that Courts will not be in operation in the normal sense during this time, therefore attending at Court for any given reason will be postponed. Service and filing of documents, however, will be possible by using electronic means. 

Since our staff members will be working remotely, please use the number 071 928 9997 to contact us.

We thank you once again for entrusting your legal matters to us, and assure you of our continued commitment to protecting your  interests during this time. 

 We wish all of our clients good health and fortitude during this difficult time.


Per: Mervyn Clark Vermeulen 

Managing Director 

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