Matrimonial Property Law in South Africa – Webinar – 4 February 2022

On 4 February 2022, we presented a workshop and webinar where we explored the basic principles of matrimonial property law in South Africa.

In this workshop / webinar we endeavoured to answer some of the most pertinent questions surrounding matrimonial property law in South Africa, such as:

* What is a marriage in community of property?

* What is a marriage out of community of property?

* How do you calculate accrual in South Africa?

* What is a universal partnership?

* What is a forfeiture of patrimonial benefits?

These are the resources which were referred to in the workshop:

Webinar Slides

Example – Accrual Calculation (Illustrative Values Only)

CPI Table as at December 2021

Divorce Act, 1979

Matrimonial Property Act, 1984

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