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What is divorce?


DivorceA "Family Advocate" is often something parents come across when facing separation, married or unmarried, when they have a dispute over who the care, contact and access of the child or children, will belong to. However, very few parents understand the role, function and benefits of a Family Advocate in family related matters. This article will serve the purpose of providing clarity on the term “Family Advocate”, by dealing with the role, function and benefits of the Family Advocate.  ... More means different things to different people.


Some divorces are amiable and easy to resolve. Others aren’t that easy.


The bottom line is that every situation is different.


Let us assist you through your divorce.

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Mervyn Vermeulen
Mervyn Vermeulen

Mervyn Vermeulen is the founder and director of Vermeulen Attorneys. He specializes in Family Law, Labour Law, and Litigation.

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