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Navigating the Complex Terrain of Child Custody: A Court’s Urgent Challenge

In family law, the welfare of children in custody disputes forms the heart of numerous legal challenges. A recent case highlights the intricate and immediate decisions courts must make, even before comprehensive evaluations like expert or Family Advocate reports are available. This scenario underscores the judiciary’s pivotal role in balancing urgent legal proceedings with the paramountcy of children’s best interests.

The Court’s Immediate Decision

In a notable judgment, the court was tasked with making provisional custody arrangements for two minor children, A and B, amidst ongoing disputes. The judgment laid down several interim measures:

  • Urgent Handling of the Case: Recognising the sensitivity and urgency, the court dispensed with the standard rules relating to time and service, opting for an expedited process under Uniform Rule 6(12).
  • Involvement of the Family Advocate: The court appointed the office of the Family Advocate to conduct an urgent investigation into the best interests of the children, with a directive to submit a report within three months. This report was to offer recommendations on the primary residence of the children and the nature of contact with the non-residential parent.
  • Interim Custody Arrangements: Pending the Family Advocate’s report, custody was awarded to the Respondent, with specific provisions for the Applicant’s contact with the children. This included daily telephonic and WhatsApp communication within designated hours.
  • Geographical Restrictions: The Respondent was prohibited from removing the children from Gauteng without the Applicant’s written consent, which could not be unreasonably withheld.
  • Provision for Additional Submissions: Both parties were granted the opportunity to supplement their submissions within 15 days following the receipt of the Family Advocate’s report.
  • Costs: The judgment concluded with no order as to the costs of the proceedings.


Memorable Quote from the Judgment

The court’s decision reflects a profound understanding of the delicate balance required in family law, emphasizing the children’s welfare above procedural formalities. A key quote from the judgment encapsulates this ethos:

“•  [32]       Consequently, this Court, as the upper guardian of all minors, will grant a remedy that puts the best interest of the two minor children at the forefront. Their well-being and safety are what matters at this moment..”



Q1: What is the role of the Family Advocate in child custody cases?

The Family Advocate investigates matters concerning the children’s best interests, providing the court with an impartial view that aids in making informed decisions regarding custody and access.

Q2: Why did the court make an interim custody arrangement?

Interim arrangements ensure the children’s immediate safety and emotional well-being while awaiting a more detailed investigation into their best interests.

Q3: Can the custodial arrangements change after the Family Advocate’s report?

Yes, the court’s initial decisions are provisional. The final custody arrangement may be adjusted based on the comprehensive insights provided by the Family Advocate’s report.

Q4: What happens if a parent wants to move out of Gauteng with the children?

The parent must obtain written consent from the other parent. This measure safeguards against unilateral decisions that could affect the children’s relationship with both parents.

Q5: Why was there no order as to costs?

In matters of urgent family law, especially those concerning children’s welfare, courts often prioritize resolutions over penalizing parties with costs. This approach encourages cooperation between parents for their children’s best interests.


The case exemplifies the court’s difficult but crucial role in urgent child custody disputes, balancing the need for immediate action with the comprehensive evaluation of the children’s best interests. Through provisional measures and the involvement of the Family Advocate, the court navigates the complexities of family dynamics, ensuring the children’s welfare remains paramount.

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