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Debtors Articles

What Should You Do If The Sheriff Threatens To Remove Assets

John has a big problem. He is living in a fully furnished flat that he is renting. The furniture in the flat is not his but belongs to his landlord. Some time ago, John made a series of bad choices that led to a few judgments being granted against him. John calls his...

Get Your Debtors To Settle Their Account!

Get Your Debtors To Settle Their Account! Here Are Some Tips From A Debt Collector.
A payment arrangement may be a good option when someone owes you money. However, there is nothing fun about having to hold your breath every month in the hope that they will adhere to the payment arrangement monthly and settle their account in total, at the end of it all. In this article, Kaylee Tree provides tips on how you can get your debtor to settle their account. #PaymentArrangements #PayBackTheMoney #DebtCollection

Enforcing Court Orders Against Bank Accounts

In this article, Cathleen Breedt looks at the process of executing debt collection Court Orders against a debtor’s bank account.

You’ve Given A Payment Holiday, Now What?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people were forced to grant their debtors, payment holidays. Times have subsequently not necessarily improved and people now need to look at recovering the debt owed to them. Some employees still have not returned to work and some...

Advice From a Debt Collector

Times are tough and we put together some advice from a debt collector.

Our economy has taken a serious knock in recent times. It was frail, to begin with, and Eskom with its constant load-shedding was not making that any easier, but along came the oil war and Coronavirus which caused the entire apple cart to tumble.

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Debt Review Upliftment

Help! I am flagged as being under debt review on the Credit Bureaus. Since promulgation of the National Credit Act. 34 of 2005 (herein after referred to as the “act”), most South Africans have heard of debt review and have a faint idea of what it entails. Some of us...

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Voluntary Liquidation

Liquidation is the process whereby a company or close corporation is wound up due to it not trading actively or its inability to continue trading in the normal course. The liquidation of a company will put an end to the juristic entity’s existence. When winding up a...

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Liquidation Of Insolvent Companies

As previously discussed in the article regarding voluntary liquidations where the company being liquidated is solvent, liquidation is the process whereby a company or close corporation is wound up due to it not trading actively or its inability to continue trading in...

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Writing off bad debt

Writing off bad debt can be very upsetting. You are owed the money, the services were rendered. Why must I write off bad debt? Here’s what the law says on the topic. Let’s first look at prescription What does it mean? Prescribed debt is old debt that has been written...

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